June 16th, 2007

Pluto close up

Methinks I got a virus...

The computer is throwing IE popups at random, and I haven't used IE in about a week and a half. Peculiar. Very peculiar. Lets hope it doesn't break my computer, because that would make me very, very sad.

My mother's being a bitch to my dad right now. For reasons which I do not know. What a wonderful way to spend the day before father's day. I'll bet she's just pissed about that 'stupid bitch that took her daddy away...' that'll be fun for tomorrow.

Work sucked. 5 hours or so. OT means that I pulled in 90, before taxes, but still. I've been up for 9 hours almost. On a Saturday. That's going to be my life. And that means that my life is really going to suck.

In a way my life already sucks. My Oliver and Company DVD is broken. Broken broken! SADNESS!!!!!!