June 2nd, 2007

Pluto close up


355 dollars. That's how much I made for graduating FROM COLLEGE. I made at least three times that much, at least THREE times as much for graduating from HIGH SCHOOL. Where's the justice in that, I ask you? The answer? There is none. There is NO justice in the world. Not one damned thing. So, it doesn't look like I'm going to be hitting up Disneyland, barring some not so minor miracle.

On the plus side, my formerly drug addicted uncle gave me a crisp Ben. Considering how much he fucked me over throughout the years by 'promising' kick ass Christmas presents and then giving me some piece of shit off the side of the road I think it's nice that he finally came through with something. And I do appreciate it. I really do. I'm just saying... 355 dollars? What. The. Fuck?

The party was kinda meh. Plenty of people who were invited didn't show up. Bastards. We still got rid of all the food. Given that we gave the food away. It was good food, too. Usagi did not show up, but she is depressed. My grandmother wasn't feeling up to it, so she didn't come either. And I feel like such a fucker for even saying this, but she gave me 1000 dollars for graduating from high school (hence the 3 times as much), but when I graduated from college I didn't get jack shit? Does that make me evil? That I expect some sort of monetary reward for doing something great when I got one for doing something that wasn't even that great? High school was survival, nothing more. I needed to get the hell away from that shit, because it was the vortex of all evil that threatened to suck away everything that was important in my life. Besides, you're kinda 'supposed' to graduate from high school. You need a high school degree for the most basic forms of living, it is a well known fact. College is something else. College is of a higher tier. I should get more damned money. I really should.

And don't think I'm not unappreciative of what I have. I'm happy with money. I just think that I'm entitled to more, at least given what past experience has given us. AND I can almost assure you that the party that the people went to cost more than 355 dollars.

My mother's like 'just get a credit card, you can pay it off when you get a job.' I don't think I can get a credit card that quickly. And even if I could I don't think my credit limit would constitute a Disneyland trip. I still really, really want to go. I'm not so sure I can.

Bastards. Proud of me indeed. You show pride with money. Did Dynasty teach us NOTHING?!
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