May 27th, 2007

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

That shit ain't right!

So, I'm thinking about buying a new digital camera, because mine is now... 5 years old, or so. And, of course, they don't make the memory for said cameras any longer. Believe me, I looked. I want a new camera anyway, because those 50 some odd pictures I was able to take last year at Disneyland just weren't enough! I WANTED MORE! So, I'm thinking I get a new camera, and it will have better memory, right?

This is a lie.

Apparently, I have to buy the new camera AND the new memory card thingy to put in the new camera so that I can have more pictures with which to make me happy. Damn the man for being able to force me into shit like that. Damn it all to hell.

The dogs are annoying the fuck out of me. I love my dogs, I really do. It's just, right now, Lucky's face is all tore up because he got into a fight with Boris and then the bites he got ended up getting infected and now the whole side of his face looks nasty as all hell. He's going to the vet on Tuesday. We'd like to take him earlier (hell, I wanted to take him like Thursday, but nooo), however, given the holiday, we cannot. I wonder if they'll give him one of those cone things. That would be amusing. I doubt it would go over well with the other dogs, though. Let alone Lucky himself. And lord, that dog stinks because of his blood and all that crap that comes with the cut. One of them, Boris or Lucky, is always in my room... well, not always, but frequently, and it's annoying because they cry, or they lick themselves. Let me tell you, the sound of dogs licking themselves is easily the most annoying sound in the world to me.

And this crazy ass neighbor bitch, whom I hate, refuses to shut the hell up. How I want to bitch slap her. Or tape her mouth shut. Or both. Yeah, we'll go with both.

My mother's directv, the box which is in here and I use for television, has a built in DVR (100 hours... no memory expansion needed!), but the thing is SO DAMNED CONFUSING. I don't even know if it's got my show that I want it to record on the 'must record list.' I really want to hook up my TiVo, but given that I don't have a phone line in the room (or a hub for the modem to split the net up), this isn't possible at the moment. So, until I get these things, I'm basically paying 20 bucks for TiVo that I'm not using. It sucks, but this is life. And, right now, it's pretty damned crappy.
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