May 14th, 2007

Pluto close up

BCI needs to get the rights to Jem!


Seriously, if they go out of their way to put DVDs out of Filmation's Ghostbusters (that shit harms me. Really. The REAL Ghostbusters was great. Filmation's? Not so much...) and BraveStarr then why the hell ain't they putting out DVDs of Jem? I realize it's because Hasbro owns the rights to the series, along with Transformers and GI Joe, but, really, BCI is just so wonderful at putting out cartoons the people should realize that and give them a shot. I know I would. But I'm biased. I want Jem DVDs that I can buy! Ignore the fact that I'm coming up on 24 and I'm a guy. Hell, I'm going to buy the Getalong Gang. Yes I am.