April 25th, 2007

Pluto close up

Isn't it pathetic?

When you can watch two one hour shows in the time that it takes to pre-heat an oven because there is NOTHING WORTH WATCHING!!! Truly, I fast forwarded through the entire episode of General Hospital. Though I did get to see Laura Wright in that outfit!!! HOT DAMN!!! And AMC... the only part that I watched was the Kane family dinner. I love me the Kanes. I'm even buzzing passed the parts with Amanda, because she's involved with that stupid ass baby snatch storyline. Poor Amanda. She deserves better.

Even more pathetic? TWO! horrid episodes of Gilmore Girls in a row. Yesterday was pathetic. Paris's rant went on way too long. Lorelai and Luke at the car lot went on way too long. The only good thing was the breaking of the doll house, because I felt bad. And who gives a shit about Rory not getting the fellowship at the times? I don't! Aww, poor little Rory's life is spiraling out of control. Gee... isn't that kind of familiar? Oh, yeah, it happened two years ago!!! AROUND THIS TIME!!! It's like they're almost begging for an 8th season, but the fans don't want it! I know I don't.