April 18th, 2007

Pluto close up

I've been supplanted!

Though, to be fair, I've never been much of a sidekick anyway...

So, Tracy went to VT, and she was sporting the attire today. It made me feel bad. I'm just thankful that she wasn't there. I mean, that might be a horrible thing to say, in some weird way, like I'm trying to take her away from the possibility of being there. But people like Tracy Butts are one in a million... so yeah... And the school chimed the bell at noon a time for each injured/killed student/faculty, presumably minus the gunman. I didn't get to hear it. I don't think many people did. We're having those inane elections right now, so they're doing some concert shit at the free speech area and it drowned out the sound of the bells. I hope they stopped playing to honor the intent. Also with all the construction going on at the school it would have been hard to hear, too. I'm just kinda miffed that it took our president THAT long to write something. I didn't get an e-mail until this morning, and it talked about yesterday as if it was sent yesterday, which means it was sent later in the evening, or the message was super delayed.

My TiVo remote is kinda wonky. It wasn't working at all last night, which made me sad as all hell when I was like 'no!!! I'm going to miss the first Gilmore episode in like a month and a half!' Only to realize that missing that, if I would have, really wouldn't have been that bad. Seriously, I waited a month and a half for something like that? Logan wasn't eviscerated by Lorelai. It made me sad. Season 7 has not been good. The show needs to end. Truly. The magic is gone. Anyway, I figured I would have the channel stuck on the CW, which I never watch barring Gilmore Girls anyway, which would make me sad. But the remote works now, and all is right in the world.