April 4th, 2007

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

Obligatory I hate sunny weather post!!!

And it's true. I HATE SUNNY WEATHER. Why do I hate sunny weather? Sandals. Hobbit Feet. *Shudder* Now, those of the female persuasion can wear sandals all they want, but guys? Not so much. A double standard? Damn straight. Such is life.

Incidentally, there was a guy wearing a dress at school today. Why? I don't know. Katie noted that he didn't even bother to shave his legs. I concurred.


INTERNET IS GOOD!!!! Even though I'm not doing much with it (funny how that works) just having the damned thing feels so good!

I got an A on my portfolio for advanced fiction. But, my professor apparently takes issue with the overuse of dialog on my part. Depressing. I love dialog. Leave me alone, Paul! Dialog good! Good!!!

I'm dropping Superman/Batman. It's just not the same anymore. In fact, it sucks.

My dad got a letter from the IRS for me today, he was worried. I told him to open it and tell me what it said, it said I owed them 333, and I told him I already sent off the check. Crisis averted. I mean, I didn't send the check with the tax return because I didn't have the money then. Actually, I did, but I was worried about what I was going to do. I sent it last Thursday, I think. Whatever. They have it. Or they should have it soon. Stupid people, I'm a college student, I'm not rich! Leave me alone!

I think I'll clean out my icons right now. Yes, indeed...
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