March 30th, 2007

Lesbians rule by shining_ki

I'm a boy!!! A real boy!!!

Sorry, but I just had that moment like in the second Care Bears movie where he who was once Darkheart looks at his eyes and sees that they are blue and then comes to the conclusion that he is a real boy and can do things.

Why did I have this epiphany?

Because, good people, I got my blue eyes back!!!! Contacts just came in the mail. Sadly, they were not marked. But I'm *pretty* damned sure that I have them in the right eyes, because I can see plenty clearly and really if I have to go blind for a few days just to walk around with blue eyes, then I'm okay with that. I'll call them on Monday and be like 'hey, they forgot to mark which prescription was which.' And, if I'm wrong, then I'll switch them out for Tuesday. I'm just happy. No more standard brown eyed Mexican for meeeeee. Now I'm special with synthetic eyes. The American Way. The American Way!