March 27th, 2007

Pluto close up

And the hits just keep on coming!

No, nothing about my computer (thank God), but this is about my room. Yesterday, my overhead light blows out. File a work order, get it fixed. Problem solved. Everything is hunky dory. THEN I try and go back to my room like two hours later... and I can't. My key has been demagnatized, I believe. So, I go to the front desk AGAIN and have to wait a good ten minutes because they're having some inane little hall council meeting and the lady who switches out the keys is there. She gives me a new key, and I am happy. Go back to my room. The key does not work. Go through Pat's room to try and see if there is something jamming my door from the other side. There isn't. And I can't open the door from inside my room either. Basically, I'm locked in AND locked out of my room. BACK to the Front Desk to fill out ANOTHER work order. Oh, and now I'm getting in and out of my room by hopping the banister on the porch. They were like 'don't worry, we'll get someone to fix it in the morning.' It's almost ten. Nobody's been around. Now, unless there was a robbery or some other crime, or someone's toliet is broken, I would think a guy who cannot get in or out of his room because the latch is broken on his door would be pretty friggen high on the list of priorities. Don't you?

And, let me tell you, doing laundry is not nearly as fun when you have to hop over a friggen banister just to get in and out of your room. Normally, I do my grocery shopping while the clothes are washing, but I couldn't do that today. No way was I carrying food and hopping the banister, if it dropped I would be so, so sad.

PLUS the computer people haven't even called me. The guy lives RIGHT FUCKING HERE. But, Kristy, my beloved RA, might be able to help me fix word. It is a good thing.

Oh, and, I found out that there's this little compartment deal on the computers here where you can stick your headphones in, so I can youtube again so long as I bring headphones around. I brought some CDs to listen to, Scott Clifton's latest is one of them. I pop it in, apparently, it copied some files onto my CD. Or something. It claims it did. And now I'm worried. Did it corrupt my beloved So Much for the Nightlife? It better not have!!!