January 23rd, 2007

Pluto close up

I may have solved my own problem.

GO ME! Apparently, I can't hook up the TiVo through the dial up because I have to punch in some code after I dial the number to activate any outside calls, right? So, I don't think that's going to work out so well. As such, I start thinking last night, and I remember 'hey, I have DSL now!' And I go over to the school, on a day when I don't 'have' to, and purchase another broadband thingy. I don't know if its going to work, but at least I gave it a go, right? Right!

In other news: I bit the bullet and bought Yuna Ito's album. I love Yuna Ito so damned much. She has become one of my top five artists, and I've only known about her for about a month. So yeah. Set's gonna have him some Yuna!
Pluto close up

Another thing that I forgot...

My Printer AC Adapter...

I'm really batting 1000 here, aren't I? *Hangs Head* But, I could A) Look for a new one to buy, assuming they make them (they might...), or B) put money on my student card and use it as the printer until spring break, since I can't really expect my parents to know what my printer AC adapter looks like. Hell, *I* can't even remember what my Printer AC adapter looks like. I'd know it if I saw it, but I can't say 'it looks like this...' its big, I remember that much.

Its funny, I have more channels with my tivo than I do without it. Very odd. Very odd indeed.
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