January 22nd, 2007

Pluto close up

First day of classes!

It was... okay. I'm exhausted. I got decent sleep last night. Or at least I think I did. The power apparently went out over here, because my clock is blinking and it only blinks when it has been plugged in or the power went out. And now the light that wasn't working is. Maybe they unplugged it when they fixed the light. Though, they usually say when they fix things. I don't know. But, smelly old guy is in my writing class again. MUCH HATE!

Anyway, best scene of Brothers and Sisters last night? Maybe not word for word, but the jist of it...

'Grandma, I'm gay!'
'You're not gay. None of you are gay. Well, maybe Justin, a little bit.'

I snickered so loudly. It goes great with Kevin's prior comment that 'Justin has great gaydar!' But what, he'll get married to Tyler in a last ditch effort to get out of going back. How will it work? I dunno. Knock that bitch up. She's not really a bitch. I love Tyler.