January 16th, 2007

Pluto close up

Golden Globe rambling...

MARCIA WAS ROBBED!! ROBBED I TELL YOU!!! Okay, so the odds of her winning have always been slim, but that doesn't mean I want her to win any less. Yes, America Ferrara is a good actress, but she certainly does not make me laugh as much as Marcia or Felicity do. Ugly Betty is a quality show, but it does not match Desperate Housewives in any way possible. So, that was a huge letdown for me. But, I was nonetheless pleased that Grey's won the Best Drama award, while losing all the actor awards that it was nominated for. If Sandra Oh or Chandra Wilson were nominated, I would want them to win. But Ellen Pompeo? Katherine Heigl? Patrick Dempsey? No damned way in hell I want any of those people to win an acting award when their characters annoy and or bore me to the point of weeping. Incidentally, Isaiah said that he loves gay. Liar. He's just trying to save face, and that angers me. I don't buy it, and nobody else should either.

It's a pity that Prince was late. I wanted him to be there the whole time and just stiff Justin Timberlake altogether. That's what I thought happened, and it pleased me. It also pleased me that Beyonce lost the award she was nominated for, but damn near everyone else from Dreamgirls won theirs. Why? Because Beyonce, though talented, needs to know her place. And Helen Mirren won two globes in one night. I don't know Helen Mirren very well, but hey, props to her for winning two in a night. And what the hell was up with Meryl's acceptance speech? Rambling woman.

I was highly disappointed with the whole show, overall. It had its moments, and Felicity Huffman looked extremely sexy in that outfit, she did.

Preparing for school cost me about 300 dollars, and I'm still not done. This is disappointing.