January 7th, 2007

Pluto close up

I love money!

Or, setsuna16's adventures at the mall and various other places with girltype!

The first place that we went to was Kinokuniya's, a Japanese bookstore, the name I may have mangled, but my Japanese spelling is not that great, especially since they spend so much damned time with their silent 'u' and whatnot. I wanted to get BoA's Jewel Song single, because Jewel Song is the greatness from which all things comes, but I also wanted to pick up Yuna Ito's Precious single, since I think that song is SO great and her voice is so wonderful beyond words. Make no mistake, Jewel Song was the true reason for going, and I got Jewel Song, but they only had one Yuna Ito single, and it was not Precious. This made me sad, but again, Jewel Song was procured. The important things are what matters, yes? Yes. I even got to put a stamp on Vanessa's car because I spent 10 bucks on music. She was content.

Then, we venture to the mall. It was not nearly as crowded as it was the Sunday before Christmas (not Christmas Eve, but the Sunday before that), but it was still relatively crowded. We found good parking again, through sheer luck, because we're lucky like that. We hit up the comic book store first, because this time we're allowed to shop for ourselves instead of not shopping for ourselves and buying things for everyone else. They had a nifty Optimus Prime action figure that I wanted, and some Marvel Board Game thing that I had never seen before that looked interesting, but I sure as hell wasn't going to blow off 60 bucks on something that I had no clue about. I'm not stupid. Their selection of trades was rather meh, or maybe I've just gotten all the trades that I really need to get. So, neither of us got anything at the comic book store, though we did see things that we liked, such as a really big Phoenix Statue that was very pretty. Hot Topic was next, since I saw a Cheetara shirt that I probably mentioned here before. It was still there, and I picked that shit up. I'm wearing it right now, too. Go Cheetara! In reality, the Cheetara shirt was the only reason why I needed to go there, but we kept on shopping since Vanessa needed shoes, which she thought she could find at Macy's. Macy's did not have her size, and she was sad. Then she went to Journey's, and they did not have her size either, and she was sad some more. But then she went to Pac Sun, and they did have her size, and she was happy. While she was at Macy's, I went to look at shirts. I found a nice one, but it cost 85 fucking dollars, and I wasn't about to throw down a benjamin (or the debit card equivilent) on a damned buttoned shirt. I went to Anchor Blue instead and got 3 shirts (short sleeves! YAY!) for less than the one long sleeve at Macy's. It was good times. After that, we left the mall, somewhat happy about our purchases, though I was more thrilled than she. If I would have gone looking for shoes I probably would have been disappointed, too. I also spent time looking for a thumb ring, because I have wanted one for quite some time, but there was really nothing of interest to me. The ones that looked good were fucking expensive, and then there was this one little kiosk thing where the lady just kept on looking at me and made me feel uncomfortable. None of that.

On our way to Trader Joe's, we see that right next door is a Tilly's. Vanessa and I are thrilled, because Tilly's has some good shit. We go inside, and I first look for a leather strap, another object that I have desired for awhile. They did not appear to have one, which was disappointing, but I look at the shirts and find two more. Then, I go find Vanessa at the shoes, where they are looking for a shoe that she saw at the mall in her size. They have one. While we're waiting, I find the leather straps by the shoes and I get one. Sadly, though they have her size, the shoe is uncomfortable, and it makes her very sad, but we leave anyway and go into Trader Joe's. It smells in there. It really does. She does her shopping, and then we go home. So, I spent about 175 dollars on clothing related objects. Sure, I was supposed to save my money, but there's a huge difference between spending money on games and dvds as opposed to spending money on clothes, which are actually important. Right? Right? I still have like 900 dollars in my savings, and will get another paycheck for about 700 on Friday, so I'll have more than a grand when I go back to school. Don't look at me like that! Good times at the mall. Good times indeed.
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