January 6th, 2007

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

The time to pack is soon!

I'm going to sift through all my crap that was spitefully thrown into the closet, despite my efforts to keep it all in an area where I could have it be readily available to me for my return to school. But, I have decided to downsize the amount of things that I am going to bring. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but first I should probably say what will not be going with me.

Old Video Games

Actually, that's about it. The trades (and, by extension, those big encyclopedia things) will be omitted because of the fact that I rarely even read them anymore, so they have very little use to me and they take up a lot of space. I will still get comics, and quite possibly a few more trades eventually, but the ones that I have acquired over the years will be left at the house.

The old video games are going to be left home because, even though I swear up and down that there is a chance that I will take them and start to play them again, I rarely do. And, even if I do, I don't actually finish them. I started playing Grandia 1 again, and got relatively far (by the standards of which far in Grandia 1 is judged...) before I just gave up again. Considering all the PS1 and GBA games I own, they can take up some space as well. I will keep my Gamecube and PS2 games and take them with me, as well as my wavebirds, because, dammit, who is going to say no to some impromptu Smash Brothers playing, huh? Anyone? Anyone at all? I haven't played that game since May because I haven't had anyone to play it with. I need to kick all kinds of ass, yes I do.

All of this, in reality, is just a ploy on my part to downsize the amount of things that I intend on taking with me due to the simple fact that I have added so much to my collection of DVDs that it will take about two extra boxes just to keep them all. Maybe it is a bad idea to take 85 box sets to school with me, but I'm a fool like that. Depending on how I feel about my roommates, I might lock my kitchen and bathroom doors whenever I am not around. The joy of the University Village door, at least the one leading out to the other doors, is that it is damned hard to break down. But the doors that are on the inside? Not so much. Of course, this does not include the porch/balcony door, but I intend on taking as many precautions as possible.

Though I was supposed to be doing this today, my parents, being my parents, have had things that throw proverbial wrenches into my plans, thus making it necessary to do such things tomorrow. But, at the very least, there is no Charger football on tomorrow. This is important to me.
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