January 2nd, 2007

Pluto close up

Here's my new years present from my school:


I wait up till 12, like a good boy, which was very difficult mind you. Only to find out that... SURPRISE... I have a hold on my account which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to add classes. Go to bed, actually sleep okay despite the anger that seethes inside of me, which was surprising. Anyway, I wake up and call the student financial services and they're like 'we can't do anything until financial aid tells us to...' and I call financial aid and they say it will be done. So that's good, right? Assuming it fucking works. Which it might not, because these people are so hugely idiotic that it just hurts.

So... angry... right... now. I just hope this shit gets done. You will all, of course, be privvy to if it does happen. There will likely be cartwheels.
Pluto close up


I got my classes! Okay, not all of them... Matt's class, which had 7 seats as of last night, is apparently full. I'm going to e-mail him after I talk with Kiki, probably. So, to buffer Matt's class, I had to take another class with Roger. I hate Roger. But units were needed. I'll more than likely crash Matt's class, which I've never done before, but you know... first time for everything. I called the school to confirm I got the classes, but even still, I'm going to Vanessa's house to print up my classes that way I can hold them and be like 'see, bitches, I HAVE CLASSES!!!'