December 14th, 2006

Pluto close up

LJ went and changed again?!

Stupid LJ! Stop changing!!!

Note for girltype, NEW SM TOWN VIDEO, SNOW DREAM!!! DOWNLOAD IT!! HIGH QUALITY!!! MUST HAVE WHEN WE GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I love you, bye bye.

Spent most of the day with my father after I got off of work. Went to the town over to get a game from EB. Elebits. The Otaku was not there, and life was good. Then went to Best Buy and got Blaine's Secret Santa Christmas Present. I picked Blaine, so don't go thinking that I just up and decided to get Blaine something for Christmas just because. Also bought the Kirby DS game, because I love Kirby, and my 3rd (!!!) version of Monty Phython and the Holy Grail. Basically, after spending money on presents for my daddy and the 50 dollars or so that I'll spend tomorrow at Yesasia when I buy stuff in addition to Winter 2006 album I'll probably have about 50 bucks left. Damn, I'm a broke ass. I mean, I can try not to spend the money, but I KNOW I will. I need to be stopped from going stir crazy with what cash I do have.

I also had to pee like a mother fucker. I tried to hold it in, but I couldn't, and my fool ass father got LOST while he was looking for someone's house, only making the pain worse. So, we found an orchard and he was like 'go there!' I didn't waste time arguing, I needed to pee bad. Problem: it had rained periodically throughout the week. Rain + dirt = mud. Mud on shoes. Mud in Grandmother's house. I felt bad. But I did get to pee. And that felt good. So very good.

Not as good as it felt to watch AMC and see that they FINALLY updated the damned opening. Erin is still there, but Simone is not. Oh, how I already miss Simone. I pray to all that is holy that GH will have updated their opening today, too. Probably not, because GH is stupid like that. Far as I remember, they would only take away people (like Diego!!!), not add anyone. Except for John Ingle, who wasn't put in the last revision. That made me sad.

I hate the prospect of Air Buddies. I really, really do.
Pluto close up

Golden Globes!

Golden Globe nominations came out. As expected, Heroes got a nomination. The Golden Globes generally like to please the public. Also as expected, none of the Heroes actors sans the guy who plays Hiro got a nomination in the acting fields. That's kind of ironic, given the amount of English the character speaks on any given episode. Still, he amuses me and so I'm okay with that. I highly doubt the show will turn their nominations into Emmy nominations, and I really, REALLY doubt that the show will win drama, especially against Grey's Anatomy, which actually has compelling characters.

Marcia Cross and Felicity got nominated! HAPPY!!!! GO MARCIA!!!! Though, if Felicity wins instead, I'll be okay. No love for Lauren Graham. Much sadness. I was surprised to see America Ferrera get a nomination. She really isn't that funny. Honestly. And there was nothing, NOTHING for Brothers and Sisters.

What really pisses me off is that the television people have to share the supporting actor and actress people have to share one section for ALL the sections, show, mini-series, and television movie. But the movies get two sections for supporting actor/actress in the drama and comedy/musical field? How is that fair?