December 9th, 2006

Pluto close up

Such information angers me...

What information would that be? Logan is the #10 name for baby boys this year. The less Logan's I have to deal with in the world the better. Dealing with THE ONE is more than enough of a hassle. It irks me to no end. NO END!!!

Making things better is the fact that I got my package with my CDs. BoA's 'Your Color' song is so beautiful, and the As One songs kick so much ass. I turned it up because my Uncle was throwing a fit looking for his candy like a dumbass. He was not pleased. Not so good was the DBSK album packaging. Can we say uber-flaming? I mean, the CD/DVDs are RAINBOWS... now, I like Rainbows, I really do... but in that context? Throw in the costumes they were wearing (FURRY DBSK... FURRY!!!!! Micky... Bunny... PAIN!) and I felt so... so queer. Not that actually being gay is a bad thing, of course. But damn, that was hardcore yaoi.

Now, for an interesting little side project. Let's see how many characters I've created that have the name of the top 100 male names for the year. Only major characters need apply.

Noah #7 (That's seriously high...)
Andrew #11
Dominic #55
Tristan #64 (IT SHOULD BE HIGHER!!!!!!!!! HIGHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tristan is seriously the top name for my firstborn male... pathetic, isn't it?)
Chase #72
Riley #73
Devin #79
Brody #89 (I've never met a Brody in my life... guess it's a new trend...)

Riley, incidentally, is quite high for the females, at #17, and Bailey is #99. I never met a female Bailey until this year. Alexis is #25. Go Alexis, go!