December 5th, 2006

Pluto close up

I hate my school so much right now...

Why? Because I get an e-mail saying that I have yet to register for enough units to get housing. This angers me, because I know I signed up for 13 units on the day that my registration started. I KNOW THIS FOR A FUCKING FACT!!! But the school didn't register it, and the people say that the system didn't even see me attempting to do anything. And then they have the nerve to say 'maybe you didn't press the submit button...' HOW THE FUCK COULD I NOT HAVE CLICKED THE SUBMIT BUTTON!? I've done this stupid thing at least eight times. I know what I'm doing. But I have to deal with their shit, because that's just the way that it goes. The lady I need to talk with at housing isn't available right now, not until tomorrow. So I have to wait until tomorrow to ask if I can still get housing even though I'm not yet registered for classes, and I have to wait until the 2nd of Jan to because registration is closed right now.

Again. Let me point this out. I. HATE. MY. SCHOOL. SO. FUCKING. MUCH!

But it feels good to vent, and the holiday tradition videos seem to work well. Blessed Tomiko.

My legs hurt for some reason. They hurt like a mother. Don't know why, they just do.

Hey, girltype when you gonna do some holiday shopping? Still need to buy the pops something(s). My aunt asked if I wanted to go with her, her mother-in-law and my cousin on Saturday, but my check wouldn't have cleared.
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