November 18th, 2006

Pluto close up

Too tired to do anything...

My Uncle, the drug addict loser, decides that he wants to play his music at full blast... at five in the morning. FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!! So, basically, I lost out on about an hour, at minimum, of sleep because of that piece of shit. I am not pleased with my uncle. Not that I ever am, but the point remains. I'm simply too tired to write, and that sucks.

What also sucks is the fact that GOD HATES ME! My plans for tomorrow are basically going to shit, and I have to improvise. Luckily, I'm good at such things, but I think my lifespan has gone down a few years because of all the stress I'm going through over the Wii. But it will be worth it. I just need to tell myself over and over that it WILL be worth it. Don't tell me otherwise. Denial, dammit. Denial!

Truly, it is a pity, because I wanted to do some writing today. I can just do it tomorrow, when I'm not exhausted. Assuming I'm not so amped up about going to get the Wii, which I bet I will be, but I suppose I could still try. Not that I *need* to do some writing today, but it would be nice.

What sucks the most is the part where I might just end up zonking out before GH. I want to watch Diego get killed! DIE, DIEGO, DIE!!!!

Oh, and happy birthday telegmo, you old man.
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Pluto close up

The waiting is killing me!!! KILLING ME!!!

Seriously... in less than 14 hours, I will finally have my shot at getting a Wii. But these less than 14 hours? The biggest pain in the ass when it comes to waiting. At the very least I'm not working off of scant few hours of sleep because of my fucking idiot of an uncle anymore. I actually got sleep. It was good. He woke me up at five again, but instead of keeping me up for an hour and a half before I got up out of anger, I went back to sleep rather quickly. Oh, and I hate the flies that are running around the living room. I killed a few of them, but they continue to annoy me. Bastard flies. DIE!

Back to the point... I'm wearing my lucky shirt. Do not mock the lucky shirt. And I'm just trying to find a way to make the hours go by. So far, nothing is really coming to me. BoA helps. In BoA related news: She had the number 2 spot for Winter Love. It makes me very, very sad that she did not get the top spot because Winter Love KICKED ASS!!! But still a number 2 spot (she had the number one of the dailies, go BoA!) is very respectable, and the highest spot that she's had since her #1 a year and a half ago. Winter Love has that power.

I got the Fly to the Sky album yesterday. Listened to it at work yesterday. Most of it, anyway. And then listened to all of it when I got home. It is decent. Nothing amazing. There is no track like Goodbye or Monologue on this album as there was on the 5th one. Maybe it's the lack of SM money. It could be. Still, there were some good songs. They know what I like. They give me ballads. Tis part of the reason why I love them.

I would play my DS but I don't want to waste any of the battery until I have to start with the waiting. I intend on bringing the charger. Not that I predict being able to hook it into a port, but you know, just in case I CAN hook it into a port. I might also go to Barnes and pick up a book or a trade to read. There was the smut-fest Anita book that I skipped because my friends were like 'NOTHING BUT THE SEX!' And I hate the fact that the books have turned into such things, but at the very least it would give me something to do other than play DS games. There's something to Wiki.

My stomach hurts. Fucking tension. And did I mention how much I hate the flies?
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