November 14th, 2006

Pluto close up


I got Winter Love and Outgrow today. And the SM 2006 Summer Album, but the Winter Love/Outgrow combo is wonderful. BoA looks so beautiful in her winter love pictures. Not that I expected her to look anything less (when she doesn't have a mullet or really bad hair coloring she looks like that which she is: the most perfect being on the planet...), but damn. The hotness. I'd go gay for Scott Clifton in a heartbeat, but if I was gay with Scott Clifton, I'd go straight for BoA without even knowing it. She has powers.

In other news: I've decided to halt FFXII for the time being. I am not giving up on the game. At least I hope I'm not. It's just, with less than a week to go till the Wii (and Zelda), I figure I should stop putting a dent in it and being forced to pull myself away to play Zelda. Because Zelda will always win. It is the way the world works. I can play FFIII on the go, which is very helpful overall. You know, once I get it... in a few days. I should pick up with FFXII again come Christmastime, because I'll likely have finished Zelda by then, given that I have to sacrifice so much playing time to the perils of work and the pleasures of television and writing.
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Pluto close up


Did you want to watch the World Music Awards together? You know, for that one token MJ appearance? Apparently, they're on Wendesday. I think. Though, it is in British time... so I don't really know...