November 11th, 2006

Pluto close up

Money, money and more money...

Yesterday, after work, I did some hanging with girltype, in preparation for the big day next Saturday. For those that don't know, it is Wii day, the day in which Set will be happy happy happy. Or sad sad sad, depending on if he gets what he wants or not. Apparently, the Castlevania game comes out on MONDAY, not sometime next month, as I had previously thought. This is unfortunate, because, you know, I'm trying not to spend that much cash in anticipation for the sheer amount of money that I'll have to spend on the Wii.

But, it appears that Fate has different plans in store for me. Why is this? Because my television decided to take a fucking crap on me. Which means I have to buy another television. I can use my parents' television if I'm finally moved into the house by next weekend (but the odds of that are slim to none), and the next week is another payday. PLUS, it will be the post thanksgiving sale. I could buy a good television for a decent chunk of change. It still sucks that I have to blow off about 400 bucks on a television. But, if I buy it myself, my parents can't bitch when I say I want to take it to school with me. Because... who bought it? That's right, I bought it.

I EVEN SAW THE WII!!! I didn't get to play with it, because they didn't have any controllers or start up discs, but they had the actual console. I tried to touch it, but my hand got smacked away. Damnable otaku clerk. I deserve the Wii more than him! Then, we went out to B and N and to eat.

Finally got around to watching the new version of the TF movie. I don't see much difference. And, it is quite fitting that 'dare to be stupid' is playing during that whole Junkion sequence, because that shit makes my soul hurt, much like Weird Al. Good times, though. Me and Vanessa might hang later, if she's not still on her huge RBD kick. And, even if she is, ain't nothing wrong with that.

OH! There's going to be a soap fantasy league. Sadly, it costs 10 bucks to join for I think 10 weeks, and that makes me sad.

So, anyway, girltype, I was thinking you could try and see if T wants to do anything. Whatcha think?