November 9th, 2006

Henshi Pluto by dark_branwen

Funny little conversation from work...

Okay, so at work, there is basically the unofficial foursome of Me, Blaine, Sherry and Peggy. Not in that order, more than likely. And it's not like we have our own little clique or anything, but we kind of do. We talk about things, we joke around. And it isn't like we do it at the expense of other people, because we mostly just talk about ourselves and make cracks. So, this was the conversation between Me, Blaine and Sherry

Sherry: I thought about you last night?
Me: Oh really?
Sherry: Yeah, while watching Friday Night Lights.
Me: ... you thought about me while watching a show about football?
*Blaine laughs*
Sherry: I was watching somebody make fun of the football players, and I thought that it was something you would do.
Me: I can relate to that.
Sherry: And then he got his ass kicked.
Me: I can't relate to that. Usually because I would insult them in a way that would take them yeras to actually figure out. There might be some who are still trying to piece together an insult of mine.
*Sherry rolls her eyes*
Me: ... you know, those who aren't raising their illegit babies, or who haven't died due to drunk driving.
Blaine: Bitter much?
Me: No, just honest.

The worst part? I really, really am being honest. About the illegit babies and the dying part, at least. But, it was good times.
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