October 29th, 2006

Pluto close up

4 hours of my life that I'll never get back...

Yes, that's right, my parents' halloween party was sheer crap. So many people who I did not know, or who I could not stand, were there. Thankfully, my aunts, who I latched onto because I was like 'sensible people!!! yay!' came about 9ish and helped make the whole thing a little less intolerable. Sadly, none of my cousins, or girltype came to help give me the back up I requested. They have failed me. It is the cause for much sadness. But, on the miracle side, my mom did not get hammered. She got drunk, no doubt, but she did not get super-hammered. It was certainly a far cry from the usual norm of the party, where she gets drunk off of her ass and makes everyone who is related to her feel great shame.

There were a bunch of fucking kids there. I don't know why, but there were. At least ten. I don't know who they were. Well, I know who a few of them were, but beyond that I have no idea. One of the parents was like 'they should have a room for the kids to watch videos or something,' and my mom's friend fought the urge to say 'this isn't a party for kids to begin with.' Which is true. Children should not be at that party. When I was little, it was okay, but why would my parents put forth such effort now? And why would parents want to bring their children to an environment like that? With all those drunkards? It makes no sense. Bad parenting, I guess.

It would appear that my mother and her friend are currently having a tiff, which is understandable in my mind. I mean, my parents (and me to a lesser extent) do abuse him in terms of having him do this, or having him do that. So, he did not attend the party last night. I say good for him. Take a stand against my mother,he needs to stand tall and proud!

My aunt, the one who I work with, said that she took a week off because of her car problems. This is entirely different from the story I heard from people at work saying that she and one of the workers got into a very bad argument and the other worker quit her job. I thought about asking her, but I decided against it. Odds are high that she was lying to me, and this is something that I do not like. No sir.

There was nothing worth eating there, which sucked. I mean, someone made scampi, but it was the chick who I live next to, and I wasn't about to eat that shit because I have said plenty of times that I don't want to owe that woman shit. Besides, if she saw me eating her food she would probably try and strike up a conversation. Such things are not alright in my book.

Both of my meth head uncles attempted to talk with me, but only one of them was successful. Far as I can tell, he was not on the meth, but he was tipsy. We talked about things, including his father. I told him that I hated his father, which is true, and it made him go away, which made me happy. The other uncle asked me if I had a moment to spare, and I said no. Ha!

I left, came home and got to watch the Janet Jackson episode of Will and Grace (not exactly one of the best, but whatever...) and then fell asleep pretty quickly. Come this morning, I check the RP Ad group, and once more have had my hopes and dreams of exciting new places to pioneer go up in smoke. I weep. Truly, I weep. But at least I'm not at that fucking party anymore. This makes me happy.