October 24th, 2006

Pluto close up

Harpy's birthday presents are ordered

A month before her birthday to the day, no less, but the Disneystore was having a 25% off one day sale only, so I had to pounce on that shit like fierce. I saved 11 bucks. Not enough to pay for shipping, taxes and the gift boxes, but enough to pay for shipping and taxes. I got her a new Tink tree topper (she's wearing a Santa outfit and changes colors) and a Tink ornament with 'bling.' Pathetic creature, but what can you do?

In other harpy relatedness: She said yesterday 'I like your haircut.' Problem is... I DIDN'T GET A FUCKING HAIRCUT!!! Apparently, my appointment was for five on Friday, or Five this Friday. It would have been nice to know such things, because I REALLY wanted a haircut before the sea of Mexican day. Denied the chance for pretty hair. Sadness.