October 21st, 2006

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Double Sadnes!!

First sadness is the fact that my Uncle, the Uncle who I can actually tolerate on a regular basis, is not coming this weekend. He was supposed to come this weekend for a family celebration thing, but now he is not. It makes me sad.

Then, as I'm watching AMC (horrid episode, but this is standard for AMC) I see this commercial for a soapu thing, where I could become the next generation of soap writer. Since this is my dream, I jump on this shit. Turns out you need to have a video camera and you need to be a student at an accredited university. I am neither. My dreams, they die. And I weep.

Plus, I'm tired! TIRED!!! Maybe now I won't go to the family thing. Maybe I will. I'm not sure yet. If I do not go, I have so much time to do other things, like be on the net. If I do go, I have to suffer the indignities of HORRID Mexican music and a bunch of relatives that I can't really stand. It is the cause for much sadness. I'm also hungry. Pity that my grandmother has no food in her house and she's out at the Kingdom Hall. Plus, I want to look up stuff on Wiki, but cannot think of what to look up. I had stuff I was going to look up, but then I forgotted. Did it involve pie?