September 17th, 2006

Lesbians rule by shining_ki

A request from the Harpy!

girltype, the Harpy requests a 'nice pair of chopsticks' from the land of the Rising Sun. Though no more than a 20 in American Dollars. Which is like 5 dollars there, but whatever. Should you be able to comply with this request, she will be happy. If not, she will understand, but be somewhat let down, which will make me happy.
Pluto close up

Eris is a bad puppy!

Last night, I went to Target with the harpy. The Harpy owes me 70 bucks in backlogged comic money (daddy always takes me, and then I never get my $10, so yeah...), anyway, we go over there and I check out the DS games. Nintendogs is there. There are no pit bulls to raise, which makes me sad, but there is a Siberian Husky. I want a Siberian Husky virtual puppy! So, I buy the game. Don't play it till this morning. All the siberians are girls, which angers me, because I wanted a boy that I could name Apollo. I buy a girl and I name her Eris. She refuses to learn how to spin and shake. Damnable puppy! She does know how to sit down, though. And she brought me a broken camera. Cute little Eris. And then I go and check the kennel, and they have a boy husky. Fate is a bitch.