August 31st, 2006

Determined Uranus by shining_ki

Guess I'm going back to work...

Apparently. My aunt called me like 10 minutes ago and was all 'Kathleen is leaving on Friday and they want to know if you want to come back to work on Monday.' Monday is a holiday, so she really meant Tuesday. Kathleen is the other college student who took the first half of our shift and I took the second. She also said if I didn't take it they would just find someone at the temp agency to do it and I would be SOL. Obviously, the idea of being SOL and not having a job is not pleasant. Plus, Blaine said to call me so he was doing me a favor and I do hate to disappoint him because he's such a great guy. Talked to my 'rents, and so both agree, I need my job.

Sadly, my mother is like 'he can pay off the credit card with the money he makes.' And I'm like 'BITCH, I gave you 300 dollars to pay off the credit card, the rest of the money on the credit card is for shit you bought for me with my own credit card!' And yet still she wants me to pay. The hell is up with that?

I do hope that I get full time and not part time, though. I like working full time, and it is a lot easier on me. Don't get me wrong, the fact that I can write before I go to work and get that shit all done is VERY pleasant to me, but I have enough time to do writing anyway. Actually, that's only partly true. I've never had to worry about writing and working during the television season. This could be bad. Daddy needs to hook up the TiVo!

Plus, I was looking at my bank account, and it was like 'I have 225 left...' so while I don't NEED money, it would be nice to have it. I mean, next week I have to get Commander-in-Chief on DVD (and remember how much I loved that show and how much I miss it already), in addition to anything else that came out that I don't know off the top of my head. God bless is all I can say.
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Pluto close up

So Diddy has someone SPEAKING for him now?

Seriously, how much more fucking pathetic can that guy get? Sadly, I'm watching the VMAs. Why? Because I can't think of anything else to do. Plus, Xtina will reveal her second single. THE BALLAD! And now I have to put up with Justin Timberlake. Already I regret this decision, but like a bad car wreck I cannot turn away. Fine, so he's a halfway capable dancer. Still much hate.
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