August 28th, 2006

Pluto close up

The day!!

So, as expected, I spent the day with [Bad username: vanessa_ayukawa"], at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. First time I've been to the boardwalk to go on rides in about 10 years... a little less, but not by much. Let me tell you: KICK ASS!!!

So, we get there about 12:30, go to the Wharf and have some lunch. I get Calamari, of course. Not the best Calamari in the world, but managable. We eat our food, then head over to the boardwalk to get our bracelets that let us ride all the rides we want all day for the price of one. We used that shit up, let me tell you. We rode the Hurricane, one of the two roller coasters, 6 times! SIX TIMES!!! By the end, we had switched off positions on every single cart in the coaster. We also rode the Big Dipper, their big roller coaster that I was utterly afraid of for the longest time, four times. Got over that fear, I did. They brought back the ride I used to love, as seen in the Lost Boys, but now I'm so tall that I can't really fit in it very comfortably anymore, so it sucks now and it makes me sad. Played Mini golf for the first time. I also sucked at that SO much... but it was fun. Then we went and played Laser Tag. I didn't really do that great with that one, which was kind of depressing because I used to have a laser tag machine, but they do something different where you can lock on to other people or some such so I think that was why my gun wasn't working as well as it should have been. Poor Vanessa was the only girl in the game. I say that it would have been a lot more fun if we would have been with people we just know instead of a bunch of little kids, but it was still a good time.

Anyway, more rides came (more Hurricanes, the Ferris Wheel, etc, etc)... and she SWEARS up and down that this guy wanted to jump my bones because he was like waving me down or something. Which I never noticed, because I don't notice these things. Anyway, we go to the candy store where he was working because I wanted to check it out and it was the last store before we left. He comes up and asks me about my shirt. I'm wearing my Optimus Prime club shirt, which I wear frequently. I think it was just the shirt, she thinks otherwise. Regardless of his true intentions, the boy was not fugly. She swears I should hit that. Sadly, it is not in the cards.

We spent a lot of time listening to music and talking and me giving her directions and us thinking we were going to die. I also went to Del Taco for the first time. Decent food. Now, I've been away from the house pretty much all day for FIVE DAYS IN A ROW! Its almost like I have a social life. We know this to be false, but like I said, it is almost like I have one. I'm dead tired, and I still have to stay up to watch AMC, or try to. I'll be out before long, I know it.
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