August 27th, 2006

Pluto close up


Sorry, that was my obligatory Joan Collins fanboy moment. I saw her on the emmy red carpet special and my mom was all 'look!' and then I started going 'WOOOOOT!!!!' and clapping my hands, because it's Joan Friggen Collins! ALL HAIL! Can't wait for the Emmy's now. I was going to boycott. Seriously, I was, but then they said that she was going to be there, so it was mandated that I watch. I didn't see Lauren Graham, which made me sad, because last year she was the hottest person at the emmy's. My god, she was wearing this red dress thing... and I HATE red so much, but she looked so good! I know most of you have watched the emmy's already, but DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME!

Anyway: I'm back from Ventura. I'm super tired. And there were a bunch of things in my room that *I* had to clean, even though I didn't do anything to make the mess. Plus, my mom brought her friend over, her drinking buddy, and I like her friend a lot, I really do, but her and my mother always get together and end up giving me a headache with their banter. Right now I'm so tired that I do not WANT a headache caused from banter. So far, they've been okay.

We stopped in Pismo beach, which was a nice town, but the place itself SUCKED! I got a beanie baby, though. A white tiger. I love the white tiger! I also got crappy CRAPPY divinity which made me sad, because I love divinity, and we ate really shitty Chinese food. I also spent 30 bucks on a shirt for my harpy of a mother, but I can get that back tomorrow for food money. Mmmhmm.

So, even though I'm tired, I get to go to the Boardwalk with girltype fun times!
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