August 15th, 2006

Pluto close up

Dummy heads at Comcast!

They still billed me for TWO fucking months even though I canceled my service already. But noooo. None of that for them. Bastards. Called them, told them what was up, and all was well. Still, 5 minutes out of my day that I could have spent twiddling my thumbs! I need to start packing up shit tonight... I mean, sure, the odds are high that I'll just end up unpacking them here again on Thursday night (or unpacking them, hopefully, at a new place on Thursday afternoon... God Willing...), but I still need to have the shit packed for when we leave on Thursday morning. Today, I hope to get my haircut. Plus, my mother still wants to go to Gilroy and pay for my contacts, which have been ordered because I'm fresh out and heaven forbid I go out in public with my natural brown eyes. Such things should never happen!

Zonked out last night during AMC, second time that's happened. One reason I really don't want strange roommates? I had my own tv at UV, with my own stations and everything. Occasionally I would share with my roommates or my neighbors, watch stuff with them, but it was mine. That meant I could watch all the soaps I wanted and they wouldn't say jack about it aside from 'you and your soaps, tsk tsk.' Brian hated Dillon because I was like "DILLON, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" Anyway... yeah... roommates in a house means the chance of having my own television is really, really tiny. And again, I ponder the TiVo situation. Plus most of them want a roommate for a year, which I cannot give them. The more I think about it, the more I hate my situation. Bastards at housing. I should light the building aflame! No, not really.