August 14th, 2006

Henshi Pluto by dark_branwen

Anger, so much anger!

And a dream, too! But first, the anger!

They're thinking of stripping Pluto of its planetary status!!! THEY CANNOT DO THIS!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!!! If they take away Pluto, then my beloved Sailor Pluto shall be no better than one of those damned Asteroid Senshi! This act shall not come to be! In related news, the '10th' planet is named Xena at the moment. Yes, for that reason. It makes me laugh. Obviously, Xena is a Greek name (well, kinda), and all the planets, sans Earth, are named after Roman Dieties, so I was pondering what would be the next one. Diana? Apollo? Juno? Hmm, there's something to wiki.

Okay, the dream. This time, it was Gilmore Girl related, though it had a little bit of GH mixed in for the hell of it. For some reason, there was a bag of marajuana that I, along with Lorelai and Rory (who are my mother and sister, respectively), have found. Lorelai has an uncle, who has no name, but is Corbin Berensen (Durant, GH, so it might have been Durant anyway) and he's like a cop or something and telling us that we should give him any and all drugs that we find, like he knows or something. Mommy Lor just blows his ass off, and then Lane LANE of all people, buys the bag from us for 120, but she buys the bag for Logan, not Zack. Mama Kim would be very, very upset at Lane for that. But me, mommy, and Rory were happy because we each got 40 bucks for doing damn near nothing.

So, my dream had connections to Gilmore Girls, not surprising given that I fell asleep while watching one of the DVDS, GH, also not surprising since GH is almost always on the brain, and apparently it had shades of that Showtime show Weeds on it, which I've never watched. But I'm watching Resurrection BLVD, one of the best shows ever and probably the best Mexican centric show ever, and that was on Showtime, so maybe that's why.
Pluto close up

Great America!

Just got back about an hour and a half ago from Great America. Went with Sarah and some other friends, just hung out with Sarah and Caroline while Sarah's brother Paul hung out with his friends. It was good times. They didn't play a bunch of Michael Jackson (though they DID play Rock with You at Bennigans, where we went to eat lunch, it was when I was leaving, so I was sad...), or any Michael Jackson at all, but still. We were only there for about 5 hours, which ultimately was fine, because I'm tired. We only went on about 8 rides during that time, though. The Survivor Ride was FUN! The queue line SUCKED, but the ride itself? Best ride I went on while I was there. Went back on Delirium, Sarah couldn't go on because she was too big, which made me feel bad. Damn, I hate that ride. I HATE fearing that I'll like die on the stupid thing. Also went on Invertigo, which was fun. The only 'big' ride we didn't go on was Top Gun, aside from the Grizzly, because it had broken down earlier in the day and I wasn't about to trust that shit. Especially when you consider the fact that I barely trust the Grizzly when it is working properly. I didn't get to go on the Triple Play or the Swings, which are two of my favorite rides, but what can you do?

Harpy wanted me to buy her 'something Scooby, with Bling,' since she is a pathetic 47 year old child. Sadly for her, there was nothing Scooby related with Bling. In fact, at the big store in the front, all the shirts with Scooby were children sized, so I couldn't get her a shirt. I got her a hat instead, and she asked me how she looked in it. I said she looked like someone who was too old to wear a scooby doo fluffy hat. She was less than pleased.

All in all, it was more fun spending time with my friends than it was being at the park, which is the way that it should be. I mean, considering how much time we spent on the rides (less than twenty minutes...) and the rest of the time we spent walking around or in lines... I wanted to play some arcade games, too. Alas, it was not meant to be. Still, a good day. Sarah's supposed to come over, but she isn't here yet... which sucks, because I want to show her Kingdom Hearts II, Haley Joel singing. Buwahahah.
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