August 13th, 2006

Pluto close up

I had a dream!

And not in the way that MLK did... no, my dream was RANDOM. It starts with me somehow being related to Tracy Q. Don't ask. I'm her nephew for some reason. We're in a limo, going somewhere, it's snowing, so we can't go there. And then we hit up one funeral, I think for the guy who burned himself over here because I'm pretty sure I saw his daughter, and I also see Hortencia, one of my ex-coworkers... though why, I do not know. We leave that place, and I walk by a hot tub, where Scott Clifton and Lidnze Leatherman are. I don't know if it's as GQ or just as themselves, but considering they were in the tub together, I would guess as GQ. Anyway, we go to ANOTHER funeral (still in the snow, mind you) and this time it is for my great-grandmother, who has been dead for almost six years now, and Tracy is crying and crying and crying on my shoulder. I see Scott in the back, he's wearing a nice suit and we wave at each other. Preacher man starts to ask other people how they feel, and my Aunt Peggy, who I also worked with, stands up and says that she doesn't believe in God. This starts an uproar and eventually I just scream out that beliefs don't matter. That doesn't work, so I call for Scott to help me. I call him Scott, so I know that at least in that respect, it is Scott Clifton and not Dillon Q, though Tracy Q is still Tracy Q and not Jane Elliot. I tell him since he's smart (and Scott Clifton is damned smart, got out of high school at 16 and everything...) he needs to start saying big words, and since I'm an English major, I can write them down on a piece of paper for everyone to know what he's talking about. He looks at me and I say I was just kidding. Then, he asks me how good of an actor am I, and I say that I have to be good, because I was able to pretend like I gave a damn about my great grandmother. Then, I laugh sadistically and some little kid is looking at me so I stop laughing and say how I am so going to hell. He says something like between heaven and hell. The end.

I have NO idea where that came from. Seriously. I mean, Scott Clifton being in my dreams is understandable, since I LOVE him so very much, and I've had at least one dream with him before (he broke down in front of my house, came in, we talked about the ways...). And the appearance of my coworkers is understandable given that I have them on the brain since I hated leaving them like that. And the funeral for the guy is still somewhat fresh in my mind. But the snow makes no sense. The second funeral makes very little sense (the only connection being the first funeral). Tracy being Tracy when Scott is Scott (and might be Dillon, too)... that random little kid... my mind, she scares me deeply.