August 12th, 2006

Pluto close up

No more obligation party for me!

Stupid ass drunkard, in one of her many fits last night, declared that I had been disinvited to the stupid party thing. Actually, she said that I didn't have to go last night. So I thought about it. There's a chance that I could see a cousin who I ADORE and haven't seen in a long ass time. Small chance, but it is still there. So, I thought I would take it. But no, now I have been disinvited truly to the thing because I don't like her side of the family. This much is true. She told my father that I should learn to keep my mouth shut, which made me laugh. *I* should learn to keep my mouth shut? What about her? Anyway, now I have some free time on my hands. Or I might. I bet I'll still get dragged to the fucking thing, though now I'm not so weary of it. If said cousin is not there, and I go, I will be very, very upset. But as of right now it looks like I ain't going.
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Pluto close up

I've concluded something...

As people know, I like the ballads the most. Ballads are the shit, and I realize why. Vocally, people are able to do way more with Ballads than they are with dancing songs. The same can be said of rock songs, because they're not as frantic, which means that things don't have to be done as quickly. That's not to say that I don't like some good dancing songs, but in terms of a vocal performance, I'm usually not as impressed. Take, for example, Bada, who I believe to have the best voice out of any singer I've ever heard. Ever. Aurora and Somehow Somewhere are very beautiful ballads, and I like the song Eyes, a dance song a lot, but I don't get the same feeling from it as I do the other two. She doesn't have that range that she has when she's not trying to say everything all quicklike.

In the meantime, I'm using my excess amount of free time, as snowflake_girl pointed out, wondering when my bitch of a mother will be home. She might try and drag me to the thing, because that is her way. She might not. I won't fight her either way. I will, however, demand cake be brought to me. Mmm, cake. Only if it isn't chocolate. Chocolate cake is the bleh. I'm also hungry. Damned woman didn't take her stupid phone.

Oh yeah, I called a guy for info on his apartment. He be Mexican. Left a message on the phone, which I HATE doing because I FUCKING HATE LEAVING MESSAGES!!!! Anyway, hopefully he'll call me back. If not, back to the drawing board.
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