August 9th, 2006

Pluto close up

I feel special and loved!

No, really, I do. For some strange reason, I was in a REALLY good mood today. I mean, I tend to have two settings for moods: 'meh,' and 'meh +'... but today? Today was something else. I was smiling, I was happy, and I was damn near giddy. My dad says that it is because I know that my time there is coming to a close, as is my time here before I go back to school, where I am truly at meh +. This may well be true, but still.

Anyway, they put fliers up at work saying that they were going to have the going away party for me and Abel since we're both leaving on friday. It has the Spider-Man scene where Spider-Man and MJ kiss. Someone wrote my name next to MJ and Abel's name next to Spidey, and I was like 'wait? Since when am I a tiny, skinny, redheaded waifish white girl?' The sign itself is very grammatically incorrect. Abel's name is spelled Able, like to be able to do something. And it says 'tomorrow, Friday,' which is stupid because Tomorrow is not Friday. Tomorrow will be Friday tomorrow, but what about on Friday? As an English major, that sign made my soul hurt.

People are saying how much they're going to miss me. Hortencia, one of the best workers EVER was sad and I said 'look at it this way, you get a free meal because I'm leaving,' and she said she would raher have me than the lunch. Awww. And my Aunt and Darcy (who is kind of my boss, but not my boss boss or something like that. I work under her for most of the day, something like that) were talking in the breakroom about how great of a worker I was and they were saying this while some other guy was sitting there and eating. It made him upset, which made me sad. I like that guy, he's something of a goon, but I think he means well in his own way. I think it was wrong of them to say such nice things about me and make him feel so uncomfortable while he was RIGHT FRIGGEN THERE!

Still, a good day. I even got out early and got to watch most of AMC instead of having to stay up till 11 and watch. Now, all I need is another good GH episode and my day will be great!
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