July 24th, 2006

Pluto close up

Watching the downfall of Cheetara again...

AND IT HARMS ME! Why am I watching? I don't know. Nothing else is on. I did, however, realize that my fears about El Chupa and Almost Perfect going against each other in the semi's. This is most unfair. I have concluded that if the Velvet Rope Revolution beats the Bogey Bunch, I will be happy.

In other news: Daddy found an airconditioner that works. Funny story, they found it at their chiropractor's house, when they were talking about the fact that everything involved with air conditioning units was gone with other people who weren't dying nearly as much as I was in my room. So, they had an extra one and they let my parents either borrow or have it. It works, it doesn't make me want to gag, but, irony of irony's, I'm TOO cold. Plus, even with the air conditioner, I still couldn't sleep till about 1. I think all the heat made me tired throughout the day, making me want to do nothing, which in turn gave me excess energy which kept me up. Hopefully work will help me with that energy, and I can sleep at a somewhat normal schedule tonight!

Other other news: Talked with telegmo last night. Hopefully we shall talk more often, because we don't talk all that frequently anymore. Personally, I blame World of Warcraft. No, not really, but having something to blame makes me feel better about myself.

Semi-related news: Talked to Justin, inquired advice, got it, sent bio for character to that other group. Actually, I sent it to the person who the character would be directly related to, but she was like 'you need to send it properly.' Hope I didn't screw up my chances, as that was not my intent. But, if so, then that's the way it rolls, right?
Pluto close up

Angry Woman Anthem!

I don't know why, but I got the urge to listen to Jagged Little Pill. So, I did. Damn, I love this album. Especially Perfect. It might not be a personal anthem, but I feel so much of the pain in the song. Incidentally, last night when I was watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and the sad la la song came on I yelled out 'ANTHEM OF MY LIFE!' My mom didn't get it, but it's okay.

Work sucked today, so I think it's a good thing that I'm listening to this. Aside from the fact that I'm not exactly a angry woman...
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Pluto close up

Upon examination...

I've realized that I never once bought a single MALE singer's album when I was listening to American music. No, seriously... I own all of Janet Jackson (sans design of a decade and anything that came before Control), which is... like 6 albums. All of Madonna up to Confessions (didn't get that), which is like 10. TLC. Alanis. Mariah. Heart. Pat Benatar. Michelle Branch. Those are the artists who I own an album of. I'm a guy, yet all my albums are by females. I mean, if you take into account my kpop purchases, I at least have some males in there, but we're talking English. Even now, I find myself knowing that if I were to buy any more english albums by other artists one of the strongest contenders would be Kelly Clarkson, though I would not be against buying Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas or Nickelback. I don't want to buy any of those albums at the moment, but if I were to buy, that would be who I would be likely to buy. WAIT!!! I HAVE MICHAEL JACKSON!

Oh, wait...


In other news: I'm embracing my inner Taylor Hicks and going prematurely grey. I have TWO grey hairs now, and they are very visible. I want to weep. Seriously. I want to weep.