July 22nd, 2006

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Just... arg...

So, today is the day that open registration for classes finally happens. I thought it was yesterday, so when I woke up this morning I was like 'shit, I missed a day' turns out I didn't, not that it really mattered. I dropped Shakespeare like a bad habit, since I no longer have to worry about taking that shit over *cue the happy dance*, and switched it out for Japanese II. Now, the last time I took Japanese was, obviously, Japanese I, but I took Japanese I four years ago. I think I'm going to be putting myself up for optional sepuku on that account, especially since I no longer have an inner otaku to embrace. Still, I needed a class, and there seriously was nothing else in the English world that I wanted to take or had not already taken. Sadly, as I signed up for said class, the internet died (have I mentioned how much I hate this internet? No, well, I HATE IT!) and I had to restart, because if your internet dies it says some shit about your password being expired and blah blah blah. Turns out, of course, that ten minutes after I wait for the slow piece of shit internet to get working, everything works just fine. They already put me in for Japanese II, and none of that was necessary. Yes, better safe than sorry, but damn it! Still, now I have my schedule for the semester all planned out. TiVo shall save me from missing GH. I am happy.

The agenda for today:

Probably go to the Best Buy later, where I shall buy She-Ra, best of, and the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special. One other thing, too, since my coupon says I can buy three items for 10% off, but I know not yet what that third thing shall be.
Watch Advent Children
Review Advent Children
Watch Everwood
I also wish to see my grandmother, for I have not done so in some time, and it makes me feel like a bad, bad boy.

That's actually all I need to do. What a full life I have. Gag.
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Fishnets of the World Unite!

Apparently, Paul Dini has announced that he was working on a Black Canary/Zatanna hardcover! This is wonderful news for me, because I, being a male who loves him the animated honeys (in an effort to compensate for my lack of real honeys), love him the Dinah and the Zee. Plus, Paul Dini knows how to do Zee right. None of that Identity Crisis 'I became an evil bitch who wiped away a bunch of people's memories' shit that Brad Metlzer (who claims to love Zatanna a ton... funny the way he shows said love) did to her. I shall pick that up. Oh yes, I shall pick that up.

In World Series of Pop Culture News: Cheetara AND I heart Jake Ryan have been eliminated. I weep. No, seriously, I weep. They were the only two teams that made it to the quarter finals that had three females. Only one of the six females between the two teams was hot, though there were at least two others who were cute. So, now I want El Chupacabra or Almost Perfect Strangers to win, because they're the only ones who have two females on the team. I do NOT want the Bogey bunch to win, though. I hate the captain of the Bogey Bunch. I don't know why. Actually, I do. He has a child molestor air about him. Seriously, he does. Scares me. HIDE ME!!! Although, I do think that El Chupa and Almost Perfect are going up against each other in the semis, which crushes me because that means that there's a chance that either of them could get eliminated instead of them meeting in the finals. They've been asking questions that I have no clue about, too. Guess I wouldn't be that great. They never even asked any cartoon questions that I could see. The hell is up with that?

And now, to ask for some advice: There was this Blake-verse RPG that looks really interesting, and it is a spin-off, or at least a sister game, of another RPG. It just started, which means that there isn't much continuity to muddle through... and all in all it looks like it could be fun. There are a few problems.

The small problem is as such: I try and limit myself to one game per genre of RPGing to keep myself from doing too much. I've already got a supernatural based game, and I did just say I was tired of dealing with the powers... so that suck. Still, it isn't something that I can't deal with, and since I'll be gone from Hellbound in a few months anyway...

The medium sized problem is as such: I told myself I would stop doing the rec writing as soon as I finished school and focus on getting a job or writing for REAL. Again, this gives me about 4 months. Not a lot of time to divulge into the life of a character, at least by my standards. Admittedly, my standards are a lot higher than most people.

The big problem is as such: Time passes SO slowly in their game world. Seriously, 2 months... TWO MONTHS... of real time equates to one day in their time. I like relatively fast paced groups, though I will be the first to admit that the Anita Blake books don't take place throughout many days per book. Still...

I don't 'need' to join, but I still want to. This is my quandry. It makes me sad.

Oh, and I'm fucking hot... not in the attractive sense (I'm fucking cold in that respect), but in the 'my god why do I live in a house with five dogs and twenty cats and always have a bunch of people inside adding to the heat' kind of way. And, I have something in my throat. Seriously, bugs the hell out of me. Blows much ass.
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The DVD purchases of the week...

117 degree weather be damned! I WILL NOT BE DENIED MY DVDS!!! Anyway, I bought the best of She-Ra (lesbians of the world unite!), the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special, and the Simpsons season 3, because seasons 1-5, or 2-5 or something are all on sale for 20 bucks at Best Buy right now. I would have bought the others, but decided against it because my coupon only had a 10% off on three items limit. Bastards. All of them!

I'm also somewhat fearful of my computer overheating and frying itself, but so far it's been good. And it's been on for about 12 hours.
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