July 21st, 2006

Pluto close up

As promised

I saw Key of Heart yesterday. At first, I was fearful of the fact that there was no sound, but then I realized that the speakers on the computer at work were disconnected, so I had to hook them up again. I had already finished watching the video once by that time, and was so distraut that I just closed the window. Then, I watched the SM town video. Damn, that thing is so sugary sweet that it would make diabetics go into shock just by watching it. The song, at least at second listen, isn't that great. But I still want it, because I need to have it.

On to Key of Heart. I wasn't feeling it that much. The video was meh. The dancing was good, but her hair... she had those horrible braids/dreds again, and I hate her with that hair. Worse, it was filmed in California, and random people got to touch the messiah. I was not one of them. INJUSTICE! Of course, I will have the video, and maybe I will learn to love the video and/or the song. Like with Do the Motion. Can't stand that video, never will, but the song is damned good.

PAYDAY TODAY!!! But I have to save most of the money, sans what I will give my parents, for the Garlic festival next weekend. God help Vanessa if she flakes out of that one. GOD HELP HER! I NEED THE CALAMARI!