July 14th, 2006

Pluto close up

More like Highly Ineffective People...

The final preliminary round of World Series of Pop Culture was last night. These kids, around my age (I think one was older than me) got their asses whooped. They got shut out, clean and easy. They were called the Highly Effective People, but, obviously, they were not. It was sad, too, because I wanted them to win. Represent my generation! To be fair, the one guy did really well until they asked him a question about Cutthroat Island. And it was about the director. Seriously, who the hell knows the director of that damned movie? I can barelys stand to acknowledge the fact that it exists, Geena Davis love be damned. But this girl thought Vanessa was the oldest Huxtable kid. Idiot girl. Then, there were two people who didn't know what K-Fed's song was called. Granted, I can respect that, but still. How could anyone NOT know Papozao? Spelling aside, of course. Still, I'm routing for Cheetara!!!! GO CHEETARA!!!

Yesterday I went to Target and saw a girl I went to elementary school through high school with. She got knocked up I think in high school, and I think she got knocked up again. As I've said before, if I go to Target and don't see someone who I went to high school with that is now with a child I consider it a victory, so, it was not a victory. It got me thinking, though. How many people that I went to JUNIOR high with ended up with the babies? So far, I've got a list of about 5 of my graduating class. I think there were only about 60 of us in the graduating class. Whatever the case may be, that's sad.

I bought the new Laurell K Hamilton book when I was at Target. It was 30% off, so it pretty much spoke to me. I stopped reading the series like three books ago, but I remembered really quickly why I enjoyed the books when I was reading them. I love Anita to death, but all the smut pisses me off! It's like bad fanfic writing, and so many people accuse Anita of being essentially a Mary Sue. I don't disagree with it, but that girl be funny. I'm already on page 100, and I've had it for about 16 hours. Sure, there are those people who can plow through Harry Potter overnight (which just doubles the pathetic factor, first of loving Harry Potter, and then of loving Harry Potter THAT much), but I'm not one of them. I did read the last book in the series that I bought over the weekend, I remember that. Mostly, I got the book for the car ride tomorrow, as well as any moments where I would need to do something to avoid spending time with my extended family.

I also bought Final Fantasy Advent Children, having actually found it at Target despite looking for a long time for it. I'll try to watch it sometime this weekend and have a review of it ready shortly after. I'm going to hate it, because it's Final Fantasy VII, but Steve Burton needed my support, so I gave it to him.