July 4th, 2006

Pluto close up

Oy with the poodles already!!!

Sorry, it seemed oddly fitting. So, we tried to get the tivo working. Problem with this is the fact that TiVo and the Satelite don't seem to work all that well together. They work much better with cable. We don't get cable out here. So, my dad went into a twenty minute rant about how we just wasted his money and all this other shit. Man wouldn't shut up. It was painful. So, anyway, long story short, I'm not using the TiVo until I get to school. Hopefully, I will have an apartment when I get to school. Bastards and their waiting lists.

My icons got taken away, too. Well, a chunk of them. So limited. Need to buy more, but I'll wait till September when my LJ expires and then buy both. I'm smart like that. Mmmhmm.

Tonight is obligation day. SUCKS!
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Pluto close up

Arg! Arg with the widescreen!

I go to Target with my mother, again looking for Arizona Summer (I'm buying that shit on Amazon come Friday, because Friday is paaaaaaaaaaaaayday), but I stumbled upon Transamerica with the price cut to 15 bucks. Transamerica is the movie I wanted to watch the most out of all the movies that came out last year, and since I love Felicity Huffman, I was like 'buy that shit.' Sadly, I did not know that shit was wide screen... although, right now, it doesn't look wide screen. It looks full screen, so that complaint might be for naught. I also bought Aladdin the plat edition, because after KHII I wanted all the good Disney DVDs and had already missed out on the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. So, I wasn't about to miss out on another one.

Plus, I went to Target and didn't see anyone who I went to school with knocked up or with a baby. That's always a triumph.