June 15th, 2006

Pluto close up

What the fuck is English 325?

Seriously... the fuck is that shit? I got my graduation evaluation paper thing and it said that I only needed one class, and that was the one class that I needed. For my major. I thought I needed an elective. Any elective. I also need to take another writing class, but I was fully aware of that. Come to think of it, it listed the fiction writing class as the class I needed to take for my minor, and while it is true that I will be taking that class, it is not the only class that I need to take. So maybe this English 325 class isn't really the class that I need to take. IT better be, because I just looked at all the shit on the english courses, and English 325 does not exist. This does not sit well with me.

In other news: I miss Commander-in-Chief. Seriously, I miss that show so much, and it's barely been cancelled for less than 24 hours. Last night was a really good episode. Pity that stuff got the axe.

Now I'm watching the house all by myself, again. The lonely!