June 14th, 2006

Pluto close up


My boss, the guy who I work directly under (well, kind of), isn't here today. He didn't even tell me that he wasn't going to come today, but he didn't come, which means that I'm sort of just standing around and doing nothing until my mother comes and gets me.

In theory.

Then, Val, the money lady, comes and tells me that I'm supposed to do a new job from now on helping Blaine. Now, I enjoy being around Blaine, as I think I've posted on here before. He's a badass, and so funny. So, helping him makes me happy. Still, it would have been nice to have been... I don't know... INFORMED of such things beforehand. Nice theory, isn't it? But, apparently, it is just that: a theory.

So, now I wait for Blaine to come and tell me what I'm going to be doing.

All this while I deal with the possibility of Scott Clifton being released from GH.

The high of working with/for Blaine does not equate to the low of thinking about GH without Scott. No, no it does not.