June 9th, 2006

Pluto close up

There are times when I forget...

Just how great Madonna's Like a Prayer album is. My god, this album kicks so much ass that it's just awesome. No, I'm not getting back into my uber-Madonna kick. I've outgrown that, but this album... this album was like my life when I was a teenager, as was Maddie. So, I guess I'm just a little nostalgic, though I don't really understand why. I mean, nothing really happened to make me feel as such. I just decided earlier that I needed to listen to Like a Prayer. Don't know why, just did.

I think one of my Gilmore Girls DVDs went and took a poopie. I don't think it's my DVD player, because I played another DVD just fine. It was Season 3 Disc 4. I can't remember which episodes are on there for certain, but I know the one where Jess gets attacked by the swan is, and I enjoyed that episode very much. Seriously though, I was beyond crushed when it started skipping and I cleaned my thing with the cleaner disc and it still fucked up. Oh yeah, the episode where Gigi is born and they flashback to Rory's birth. That's what I was going to check, who played teen Chris and Lore. Teen Chris was fugly. Teen Lore, not all that great. Lauren Graham was named as Entertainment Weekly's 'THESE PEOPLE NEED TO GET EMMY NOMINATIONS!' And they said that they would keep on putting her on their list until the Emmy people put her on theirs. From a technical standpoint, I'd be happy... EXTREMELY happy if she did, but since Season 6 was the suck, I would want Marcia Cross to win. Be happy either way. As long as Teri Hatcher doesn't win anything. Over her. Was so quickly.

Work remains the shitfest, but there may well be a bright spot in the light. There's this place where people buy the kind of stuff we're selling, or so we're lead to believe. It's like ebay... but it's FREE! I called and got the information. FREE!!!! They charge the people who buy shit, not the people who sell it. It made me happy. There was also a place that actually bought the shit instead of showing it, and I saw a bunch of the equipment that we had on that site. I need to tell my boss about that, it needs to be our last ditch effort. I just want to make some fucking money, dammit! So glad the weekend is here. So damned glad. Not all that glad about GH in 15 minutes. It's horrid. So bad. AMC took over as ABC's top spot, and AMC actually sucks, too.

Oh yeah, the high school graduation ceremony happened today. My aunt swears that the sun was out at 10 when the shit started, but I was outside at 10 and it was still cold. I'm angry, because the trend of the high school graduation days being nice and comfortable the years AFTER I graduate remains. I was dying that day. Seriously, dying. girltype can attest to that shit, she was there.

Speaking of which, when are you getting back from your July shit? I desperately need to go to the Garlic Festival this year because if I don't have some good calamari soon I'll seriously just die from sadness, and as I've said before there is no better calamari... it's the last weekend of July, and it's either go with you or go with my parents... obviously, my choice isn't very hard to make.
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