June 2nd, 2006

Pluto close up

The Grades!!!

In a nutshell, here's the biggy: I PASSED SHAKESPEARE!!!

Overall, in order of greatness:
Advanced Fiction Writing: A
American Literary Topics: A-
Modern Novel: B
Shakespeare: C+

Overall, my GPA was 3.30 or something like that. Not the Dean's List like I hoped it would be, but I guess I made it once, and for people like me (not overachievers), once is enough. Though, don't get me wrong, if I can do it again... I will. Sadly, my GPA is not quite as the 3.0 that I want it to be. 2.95, so close and yet so far. Technically, if you round it up, it's a 3.0, but I don't think they round up, because they're strange like that.

Tonight is 'Big Time Wrestling' in the hellhole of the hometown. Though, I will admit, The Honkey Tonk Man being there is interesting. Not compelling or good enough to make me even fathom going and spending time with my parents IN my hometown where people could see me, but enough to make me do a double take and go 'oh look, Honkey.' Tomorrow, I apparently will be forced into going shopping with my parents' at the mall, because the Harpy continually bitches about how she wants to go to the mall. Once upon a time I would have been there in a heartbeat, but since I have best buy and EB next to each other the town over, the Mall, which is two towns over regardless of which mall you go to (and one mall is uber-ghetto with frequent shootings, so we don't go there if we can avoid it), I no longer need the mall to make me happy. However, I haven't hit up Hot Topic in forever, and even though it's full of emo kids all the time, it sells some damned good clothes. Plus, I really want new shirts, so I can actually go to the mall wth the intention of (gasp) shopping for clothes. We're going to Best Buy as well, because I have to return the memory card I bought for the digital camera, since despite the fact that they said it would work it didn't. So, they best take it. Fuckers.

I have purchased season 3 of Will and Grace, as well as the entire series of Life as We Know It, which is all about the emo too, but it has Sean Faris, and I have a weakness when it comes to buying shit from people who I like. When we go to Best Buy tomorrow I'll pick up something else, too. But I'm not sure what. Maybe a movie. Probably another TV show. I have a sickness, but it's okay.

Work isn't all that great. In fact, it really sucks. My boss, I love him, but he's never around when I need him, which is horrible. I'm only getting paid via commissions, which means that I can only get paid when I put stuff on ebay to sell, and I can only get paid if that stuff on ebay actually sells. He swears people will buy, but he also told me to look at the past auctions, and in doing that I've realized that people don't want to buy the stuff that he wants to sell. Essentially, it could mean that I'm putting in about 8 hours a day for money that I 'should' get for stuff sold, but if I don't sell anything, then what? The VP said she would pay me cash for the work I did for her, which is only about 3 and a half hours. But those 3 and a half hours were the best time I had since I started working again. I'm not at work today because my bosses are both gone, and since I work directly under one or directly under the other, the VP said that I really didn't need to go today. It felt good to not wake up at 6.

On the whole, however, life is pretty much meh. It might get better, but it probably won't get any worse. If it does... my god, that would be bad.
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