May 25th, 2006

Pluto close up

Cute stuff!

But first, some not so cute stuff! Yesterday, me and my daddy went to Circuit City because they said they had something that he wanted, but, apparently they did not or something, so they lied, and I was sad. I looked around and found a decent new television, and a decent new monitor, though, so that was pleasant indeed. Didn't buy anything, because I don't have that kind of money available to me at the moment, but still. Then, we went to the Warehouse right by Circuit City and I immediately went and looked over at the tv on DVD section (Circuit City has a crappy selection of that, let me tell you...) and I saw Will and Grace season 2 for 25 bucks. Will and Grace season 2 is the hardest season to find, I've only found it at Best Buy and now the Warehouse, so I snatched that baby up. As such, I've got my first DVD of the summer! YAY! They had a used copy of the Plat Beauty and the Beast, which I thought about getting. I hate used things, but sometimes they're the only things available.

The cuteness, however, comes from one of the kitties. In our house we don't really put the catfood in a bowl. We just sort of leave the bag open and let the cats feast whenever they chose. So, today, Winter, the baby, is litterally inside the bag because there isn't enough food left for it (I'm not sure of its sex) to actually eat and stay outside the bag. Very cute.