May 20th, 2006

Pluto close up

I'm getting my own tv!!!

I mean, I've had my own tv for years, but only in the sense of having an actual television. I have to share the reciever with my father and my mother, so we can only watch one thing, and it leads to much arguing when I want to watch what I want to watch (and I always want to watch something, because I'm a tv whore), and my dad wants to watch what he wants to watch (which is always just some random piece of shit show on the travel channel. We don't ask), but no more! As we speak, the directv man is hooking up the new reciever and everything, so, in about an hour, I can probably watch my own television and everything. SOAPNET ALL THE TIME!!! WEEEEE!!!! I have no shame, but I'm fully aware of it. So it's okay.

Speaking of shamelessness, me and girltype spent a few hours together yesterday, getting hooked up with the X3 tickets for Thursday at 12:01 AM. Okay, Friday at 12:01 am, but you know, semantics and all that crap. Then, we went to Best Buy and we talked about Brokeback and how the mounting scene just came out of nowhere! We rambled of the ways, it was good times. I have no shame. None. At all.

Then, we went to her place and watched vids, including random 80s cartoon intros on the youtube. And we saw fatty in Super Junior, whose name we don't know. We tried to get into SM's super junior site, but it didn't work.

In other, also happy news: Reba DIDN'T GET CANCELLED!!!! SO HAPPY! It's a mid-season, 13 episode order, but, you know, those things are important to me. Very important indeed. Go Reba, go!

Spoilers for upcoming GH episodes involve a bit of the GQ (though I only care about the Q in the GQ), and the Die & Go. Excellent!