May 9th, 2006

Pluto close up

My Shakespeare teacher is a bitch!

I mean, honestly. I sent her an e-mail on Saturday asking her to give me the prompt for a question because I lost my prompt. Honest mistake, right? So, she e-mails me today... and then she's like 'I cannot believe how you seem to ignore any and all of the tasks for this class.' Bitch, I was trying to take responsibility for my mistake. Yeah, sure, losing the fucking piece of paper wasn't a good thing, but honestly. I'll show her by turning in the damned paper, written with the right information, and only talking about the play. Horrible woman. HORRIBLE...
Pluto close up

Updateapalooza continues!

So, last night I watched the last episode of 7th Heaven. Now, I've never watched a full episode of 7th Heaven in my entire life, because the show pains the hell out of me and is soooo inane. Within the first ten minutes I couldn't help but wonder why it was that the show even ran for ten damned years. HORRIBLE SHOW!!! The things they said were stupid, the acting was decent enough, I guess, but the storylines were crap. Then they showed flashbacks, and Barry Watson had some MASSIVE hair. It hurt, a lot. I was like 'the hell was that boy thinking?' And then the very end? 6 Camden grandchildren? Perhaps 7, since it was kinda sorta maybe alluded to that the kid that one girl brought was Simon's... STUPID! And yet, I still got kind of sad. Stupid finales.

And then I watched Everwood, which was a lot better. Poor Reid, trying to kill himself. Plus, they did the PSA about suicide that I knew they would do, and I really like the way that they just sort of stand there and don't do nothing, but say so much with their eyes or whatnot. I could do that kind of acting. I certainly already do that kind of writing, and it really works!!! I hope that show goes to the CW, it's quality. Really, it is.

Tonight's Gilmore Girls... I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also hesistant. Let's be honest, it could suck. I know the WB preview things have lied the whole year, but really... if it ends with Lorelai sleeping with Christopher, I don't know what I'll do. I won't be happy, that's for sure. Even though I don't like Luke, and think he's being a huge ass about everything, I don't hate him that much. Or do I? Hmm, questions... the info button for the show shows something about a shrink, that could be funny.

And house doesn't look all that interesting. The two parter they just had would have been a good season finale. Especially given how that episode ended. Mmmhmm.

Did I mention Sunday's Desperate? MY GOD!!! SO GOOD!
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