April 29th, 2006

Pluto close up

Fate is a cruel and harsh bitch...

Yesterday was the Daytime Emmy's. Happiness, right? Yes, for the most part. But, me and my friend had this plan for... seriously... like three months... that she was going to come over and we were going to watch the Emmy's together and do random things like cheer and she would hold me when Scott Clifton lost Outstanding Younger Actor... and all was going well. We went to the Olive Garden (which had sub-par Calamari. Sadly, the best place to have Calamari in Chico is a Mexican place... ironic, no?) for Lunch, as was planned, and then she was going to do her meeting and I was going to wait. I waited, she called about 6 and said that she had to go get her car, because her car had been broken and she was in her truck. So, she didn't come over, and I had to watch the Daytime Emmy's all alone. I wept all alone when Scott lost. Okay, so I didn't weep.

And that sucked, a lot. I was looking forward to that thing for such a long time... and then nothing. Remind me again why I even bother to have hopes for things? I mean, honestly. GH won outstanding drama, which shocked the hell out of me because I didn't think that they would, but Tony won outstanding lead actor, which wasn't surprising because I had a feeling he would win over anyone else. I called that one and outstanding younger actor. The others, I either didn't care... wait, yeah, that was pretty much it. I didn't care. Kelly Monaco looked like shit. Seriously. That dress was ick, and she had far too much insta-tan on her body, it gave her some carrot look. Susan Lucci, on the other hand... much love for La Lucci.

On the whole, the Emmy's were too damned long. That extra hour was pointless. I still maintain that Cameron Matheson belongs in a Brokeback sequel of some sort... indeed.

I have to start revising papers later. Around 2, because I give myself the time before two to just do whatever I want to do. I figure I earned it. I'm only going to revise the short one today, the longer one tomorrow. I don't have to worry about the third paper, because my teacher said that if we were doing our paper on the Tempest, which I am, we can turn it in on the last week of class (not finals week, but the last week) without penalty, which gives me an extra weekend. Score.
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Pluto close up

KH II update...

Seph killed my ass a good twenty times, but I beat him. I would have beat him first like five times before that, but I was an idiot and had the berserk thing equipped, which meant that my ass couldn't do a fucking combo and since KH doesn't let you kill bosses without a damned combo (a tactic which I hate)... yeah...

I love Steve Burton.

That is all.