April 28th, 2006

Pluto close up

I weep!!!

The Dynasty reunion special is on the same night as Gilmore Girls!!! WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME!?!?! Don't they understand that my love of Joan Collins and Lauren Graham cannot conflict with one another? Well? Don't they?

Apparently, they do not, and I weep. Unless it's on at 9, because I can ignore House for a Dynasty reunion special... and that would please me.
Pluto close up

Good old IMDB...

It allowed me to find out some information on Kyle Secor and Matt Lanter, Rod and Horrace on Commander. Yesterday I was watching and I noticed just how short Matt looked when compared to Kyle, and I was like 'either Kyle's really tall, or Matt's really short.' I got my answer. Kyle's 6'5'', like me, and Matt is 5'10'', pretty average, though not short. They had a really good picture of Matt that I would have liked to save for future character model purposes, but IMDB is a bitch and doesn't let you save any of their pictures, so I was sad.