April 12th, 2006

Pluto close up

Gilmore Post and More!

The blond dick had really good hair in yesterday's episode. He's still a huge dick (whom Rory loves, for some inane reason), but he had good hair, and we respect the good hair. Jess, on the other hand, had very bad hair. Any time that man tries to have hair that isn't spiked it is a horrible, horrible thing. But, on the plus side, Jess really has grown up and isn't so much of an emo kid anymore. I think we can respect that. I've always liked him more than Luke (and I'm really not feeling Luke any more, April's amusing, but it puts more of a focus ON Luke, which is not a good thing), and even though it was a short appearance, I'm still happy I got one!

MRS. KIM OWNS ALL!!!! Seriously, whenever I see that woman I get happy. 'You let women ride horses?' And that Dress!!! I KNEW Lorelai was going to throw the coffee on the dress at the end, but I still laughed when it happened.

Plus, Emily with the kid? PRICELESS! And Lorelai trying to convince Richard and Emily not to buy the house? MORE PRICELESSNESS!!!! Last night was a damned good episode, and it didn't end at an annoying part like Last Week's episode. Even the episode of House was pretty damned decent.

But, onto other news, I shall speak of my dream: I dreamt of Chris being in town for one reason or another, but his girlfriend died. It's scary, because I like his girlfriend, and I know how happy she makes him... I almost feel like calling him and making sure that everything is all right, but I know he won't answer, and he won't call me back...