March 21st, 2006

Pluto close up

Being lazy is fun!

I was GOING to write my Shakespeare paper last night... no, really, I was. Seriously. I swear. Honest. But, Brian knocked on my door and was all 'wanna go to Peking?' And, though I did not really want to go, having gone only four hours before for lunch, I went anyway, because I wanted to hit up the EB and preorder the KHII and exchange four of my games to help put a dent in said purchase. So, we ate, went to EB, I got about 19 bucks for four games... yeah, a rip off, but at the same time I would never, ever play them again, or at all, so... why not get some cash for a game that I know I WILL play and love, right? Right! I thought I saw one of the guys eating there, too, and then he was back at the store before I got there, despite getting their after me. Mayhap he has a twin. Tis possible. So yeah, KH II shall be mine come Wednesday, barring an unforseen setback, like... a late shipment or something, which would cause me to weep.

But, I just looked at the slyabus for my Shakespeare class, and, apparently the paper isn't due till NEXT Thursday, not this one, like I thought... which means I can do it this weekend, if I want. But first, I need to ask my teacher if it really is due next Thursday, or if it was moved up or something, because it's better to be safe, right? I mean, don't get me wrong, I really WANT to get the paper done before this weekend, but it'll be nice to know I don't 'have' to. I did, however, read half the play. I intended on reading the rest of it, but again, I just don't feel like it. Spring Break kicked my ass and gave me a huge case of just sheer laziness. I blame Disneyland. Okay, I don't BLAME Disneyland... because blaming Disneyland for anything would be bad, but I seriously think that all the giddy and happy that I went through while I was there just killed me in terms of anything else. I can barely write as it is!! I want to go back already!!!! I've actually toyed with the idea of having my parents give me another trip, complete with Disneyland hotelness, as a graduation present. That's only 9 months from now... which shows how much I loved it! I WANNA GO BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

Back to things in the here and now. Aidan was playing KH over the break, cuz I let him borrow my playstation 2, since I wasn't going to use it. Apparently, he got stuck somewhere in Atlanatica. Understandable, since Ursula is a fucking whore in that game. I died against her, and I think she was the only person who I died against (that I can remember... maybe Seph, maybe...)... though he didn't get to her. It snowed up here while I was on break, which was highly depressing, because I missed the snow!! I told him that he could play it any time I wasn't doing something here... which, with KH2 in a week and a day, isn't going to make much for free time in the way of my PS2. Can't wait!

Some guy sent an app for Hellbound. Character seems interesting enough, but I wouldn't suggest anyone even bother joining with the state the group is in. Star posted twice yesterday, for the first time in two months, which is supposed to make people think she's back, but that woman's a huge flake, so yeah.

Best news of the day: NEW BoA!!!!
Pluto close up


Apparently, Jess, dressed up like Milo's Bedford Diaries persona (as in, horrible hair, and apparently a goatee, it harms me...), will be coming back to Gilmore Girls again!!!! REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!